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Technical blog where I share insights and solutions to problems, discoveries and thrills I encounter as a Software Engineer.


Sinatra: Managing File Uploads

While building the Movie Review app, I wanted users to be able to upload movie posters along with the movies they submitted, and in the end display the images. I found is a Ruby gem called paperclip but it only works with Rails, I also found another gem that allows you to use... keep reading >


Speed Up your Workflow with Gulp

As Web developers, we carry out some repetitious and mundane tasks during our design and development process, from transpiling your TypeScript files to JavaScript, to reloading your browser as you make changes to your code. These are of course necessary, but it would be nice to just focus on being productive and not deal with... keep reading >


Movie Reviewer: Learn-Verified Sinatra Project

This post is about “Movie Reviewer” a Web application I built for my Learn-Verified Sinatra assessment project. As the name implies, it is an application for Movie reviews where users can submit movies and write reviews about other movies. This is my first full-fledge application using the Sinatra web framework and I want... keep reading >


Tic-tac-toe strategy: Implementing the Minimax Algorithm

This is an update to Ire Aderinokun’s post about a game of Tic-tac-toe she built. I made the Computer player unbeatable using the Minimax Algorithm and she encouraged me to write about it. I will focus on the Computer player’s strategy so check out her initial blog post to see how... keep reading >


Hello World!

Hello World! and welcome to my blog where I will be writing about the things I learn and problems I encounter in my exciting journey as a Software Developer. I am always looking to learn new thing and to better understand the things I already know (I think in know :-p), so by sharing things... keep reading >
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